See 9ice Replies After Falz Called Him Out For Promoting “Yahoo Boys” In His Music


9ice Abolore has replied Falz after the latter urged his colleagues to stop promoting/hailing fraudsters in their song.

Recall, Falz yesterday, called out artistes for hailing fraudsters in their music, and he noted that these artistes are endangering the future of the youths through their music.. and he cited a line from 9ice’s single ‘Living Things’ to drive his point home.

Falz said:

“You Are An Entertainer, In A Position As A Role Model To Younger Ones Coming Up And In Your Musical Record You Are Greeting All The Yahoo Boys, You Are Greeting All The Fraudsters , Calling Their Name Personally, Hailing Them, Wire Wire Mo Fe Cha Che, All This Culture You Are Making The Young Ones Think It’s Cool To Do It, It’s Not, You Are Destroying Our Future. As An Entertainer Sing About Something That Can Help Our Life, Paint A Picture, Tell A Story, Don’t Glorify Fraudulent Behaviour It’s Not Good.”

This meeting obviously blended significant responses on Social Media, and this made Falz a slanting subject in Nigeria. While numerous Nigerians lauded the ‘Soft Work‘ rapper for his trustworthiness, others had unkind things to state.

In any case, 9ice has answered Falz’ allegation and denied that he was advancing extortion in the dubious melody ‘Living Things.

He said:

“It’s Not About Promoting Fraud, So To Speak. It’s About One Who Wakes Up In The Morning Needs To Go And Work And Earn A Living. It’s Not Negative, It’s Positive. You Just Have To Be In That Realm To Understand What The Song Is All About.”

Watch their interviews:

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