This Lady Says, She Woke Up On Her Way To The Mortuary After She Was Declared Dead


This young lady revealed how she miraculously woke up after being confirmed dead at an accident scene some years back.

According to her, she jerked back to life while they where trying to take her to the mortuary following a horrific accident which she was involved in.

She revealed how a truck failed brake and smashed her at a certain distance leaving her with serious injuries. According to her, the Divisional Police Officer DPO and police inspector confirmed her dead on he spot after seeing her and told the people there to take her to the mortuary..

She said on the manner to the mortuary, she heard a voice telling her that ‘she’s not intended to be right here’ that she need to arise due to the fact she’s robust…that became when she woke…

On seeing what happened, the men who have been making plans on taking her to the mortuary backtracked and took her to the clinic wherein she underwent surgical treatment. Now, she’s now not most effective hale and hearty however additionally more potent than before, according to her testimony.

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