I’m ‘100 per cent’ staying at Chelsea – Fabregas Says


Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas insists he “100 per cent” sees himself at Chelsea next year and has not had any thoughts of leaving the club this season.

The 29-year-old’s future at Stamford Bridge has been subject to speculation after seemingly falling out of favour with head coach Antonio Conte. He has started just five Premier League games this season and has largely been used as a substitute.

However, the Spaniard told Sky Sports that he is relishing the challenge of trying to force his way into Conte’s starting XI on a regular basis.

Asked if he sees himself at Chelsea next season, he said: “100 per cent. I am not thinking about anything else than challenging myself here. The situation from six months ago to now has changed massively.

“From the beginning it has been a big challenge and there are always rumours, you cannot stop that, but I don’t even care what people say. Not for one second did I want to leave.

“Sometimes it’s so easy, you don’t play two games, you get frustrated and upset and want to move somewhere else, but for me it’s the opposite; I want to challenge myself.

“I know in my brain what I can do and if I am better than others or not. I know what I can bring to this team and by improving and listening to the manager and what he wants and doesn’t want, I know myself what I can give.

“I have been proving myself every time I have had a chance and I will not stop until I play every game which is what I want.”

The impressive form of midfielders N’Golo Kante and Nemanja Matic has largely restricted Fabregas’ opportunities but he insists he is determined to prove himself.

“It’s been shown in many games this year, even when I have come on for five minutes, I have done something to make a change in the team,” he said.

“The most important thing is when you have the chance you take it and I think I have done that throughout the season. It’s a challenge to be ready every time the coach needs you and then change his mind and trust you more and make it into the team.

“You generally need to go up against players. Infrequently you are on the pitch and need to rival players so they don’t surpass you. This season it has been the a different way, needed to contend more in preparing or in the little minutes I needed to end up being in the beginning XI.

“Presently I am playing significantly more than toward the begin of the season and ideally I am changing the director’s mind a tiny bit and can get numerous more begins.”

Fabregas is in line to show up on Saturday when Chelsea have Swansea, hoping to develop their eight-point lead at the highest point of the table.

The midfielder made his presentation with Arsenal in 2003 and, after three seasons in Spain with Barcelona, came back to England when he marked for Chelsea in 2014.

“I began exceptionally youthful and worked hard every season to be here today,” he says. “You must be the best each and every diversion else another person will come in, the supervisor will transform you, or the group won’t need you any longer.

“A portion of the best players on the planet are playing in the Premier League and to dependably be on top is difficult consistently, that is the thing that makes me most glad, to be at the highest point of the diversion for such a variety of years from a youthful age, I have needed to work truly hard for it.”

Thinking about Chelsea’s frame and what they have to do in the last couple of months of the season to win the title, Fabregas’ message is straightforward: don’t look too a long ways ahead.

“You need to believe it’s still the start and you need to win each diversion,” he said.

“Once in a while when you get nearer you begin to make counts and think we need to win this many recreations. That is the principal enormous oversight. You need to go amusement by diversion. It’s bad to begin thinking too a long ways ahead.

“We are centered around a similar bearing and need to win. We need to have an incredible season and for that we require everybody together.”

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