Help! I Am Pregnant For My Dad’s Best Friend, now he wants Me To Abort It.


A girl has landed in serious dilemma after getting into a relationship with her father’s best friend. The girl identified as Evelyn, a student of Kyambogo University, Uganda revealed the the Dad’s best friend, Tony impregnated her.

She said the guy is a close family friend and most of all he’s My Dad’s best friend to the extent that they are even businesses partners.

She wrote:

“A few weeks back, I realized I was one month pregnant with this guy’s baby. I talked to him about the issue and he opted for an abortion which he said he would fund head to toe.

The issue at hand is that I am scared of taking my life through abortion. I, in fact want to keep my baby. What should do?

Should I tell my dad about it? I’m confused.

Well in such a tight spot, there are two lives in question! Yours and the baby’s. There is show too in the offing if your family and that of your Dad’s companion gets tightly to such data.

We propose you converse with the person and make him see the constructive side of keeping the infant. That aside, it may be simple for your Dad to acknowledge the pregnancy state however not to acknowledge the relationship you are in. Make things in strides rational like you took while falling for the person of you took any.

Keep the kid, let the person deal with it and afterward with time,you can deal with the results.”


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