Burn Survivor Shares Amazing Transformation Photo After She Was Told She Won’t Survive.


Instagram user, @scar.ripdj, was told she won’t survive a smolder she had a year ago in a house fire – the woman who declined to give words a chance to direct for her, took to her page to share a stunning change one year after.

The Kentucky based smolder survivor shared one next to the other photographs of herself at the emergency unit herself now and composed:

“A little over a year ago I managed to escape my house fire, I had little to NO chance of living, i was put on life support and a priest was standing in my hospital room with my family anxiously waiting to see if I would be called to the Lord or not. Thankfully God allowed to give me another chance at life and I have to thank him for that. Never question the abilities that our Lord and savior can make happen. My scars are beautiful ❤ #burnsurvivor #firesurvivor”

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