Lady Gets Beaten Black And Blue On Valentine’s Day And Here’s Why.


While a few of us were being showered with adoration in different structures, all around the globe on Valentine’s, one woman, Sabina, was some place in Nigeria being tormented by her neighbor.

Web-based social networking client with the name, Chukwu Sabina portrayed the vicious physical mishandle she fell a casualty of on Valentine’s Day by a young fellow claimed to take booty substances.

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As indicated by the story she shared, the beating was subsequently of a minor question that went out of order. The wonderful woman shared her bloodied confront via web-based networking media as she looks for sensitivity from companions.

Read her story below:

“For those of you guys saying rubbish on my social media it’s happened to me unexpectedly on 14 February on Valentine’s Day.

“I was washing my clothes outside my house, one stupid Guy that always shout like a fool bcuz he do smoke weed, shouted & said his water was missing & I told him I don’t know about d missing water he looked at me & said to me re u mad, I told him wot have I done worry nd he said wen his talking I shouldn’t talk I told him y not nd he started beating me up”

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