Kenyan Understudy Ousted From School Over “Occultic Drawing”


Atheists in Kenya (AIK) society recently issued Bahati Boys’ High School Principal in Kenya a seven-day ultimatum to lift the exclusion letter to Ian Njenga Mwaura, a student who was expelled for drawing an artwork considered occultic or move to court.

The general public undermined to sue the school for meddling with the investigations of Ian Mwaura Njenga who is a frame four hopeful. In a letter routed to the school Principal and duplicated to the Teachers’ Service Commission, Ministry of Education and Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, the general public said purposes behind removing the kid from school are ‘outlandish, loathsome, frightful and despicable’

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In a letter, the Christian school noted that the teenager could be aligned to a cult. They also accused him (ian njenga) of initiating other students to join his alleged faith.

The high school went ahead to advice his parents to take him for counselling and transfer him to a day school where they can keep a keen eye on him.

When confronted by concerned people, the school’s Principal maintained that the drawing made by Ian could not be condoned in the school.

“We have so many things within the school that Ian could have drawn inspiration from like cows or even portraits of other students. But drawing suggestive things like snakes and scorpions is not condoned in this school,” he said

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