10 Valentine Gift Ideas For The Nigerian Man You Love


Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away and, obviously, the young ladies can hardly wait to perceive what endowments they’ll get – roses, chocolate, cakes, undergarments, adornments, autos, and so forth.

Some have even longed for how their man would propose and what photograph edges of the wedding band look best on Instagram.

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In any case, you see Valentine’s Day wasn’t made for ladies. Holy person Valentine did not bite the dust for ladies to utilize February 14 as a day to get endowments and give back nothing.

So for those women who’ve made it a propensity to just get yet never at any point give back, this is for you. You have to change.

Be that as it may, don’t go purchasing your mate, sweetheart, life partner or spouse shabby boxers and singlets. Have some class, please.

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In the soul of affection, Campari imparted these straightforward sweet blessing thoughts to us, so you can unwind and settle on a simple decision for your man.

1 – Watch
Articulation observes dependably make men look tasteful.

2 – Shirts
Nothing looks more delectable than a man in a fresh dress shirt or a cool tee shirt to demonstrate the wide trunk and shouting biceps. Yummy.

3 – Shoes
What do you need individuals to think when your man strolls into the room? Additionally, remember solace is imperative.

4 – Colored Socks
Get some better than average designed socks with those shoes.

5 – Belts
The rarer the cowhide, the better.

6 – Ties
Sprinkle some Justin Timberlake and JayZ on your man.

7 – Perfumes.
Pick a fragrance you’ll never need him to wash off.

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8 – Agbada
Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Idoma … Nigerian men dependably look awesome in Agbadas, regardless of the tribe.

9 – Video Amusements(Games) 
His companions will love you for this. Most likely.

10 – Underwear
Some fervor accompanies owning shiny new premium clothing. Indeed, even men know this. Nonetheless, make sure to inquire as to whether he lean towards briefs or boxers. Alternately perhaps you definitely know *ahem*



On the off chance that you can’t bear the cost of any of the things recorded over, it’s completely alright to remain indoor, set up a better than average home cooked feast, light some scented candles, giggle over a jug of Campari and have some good times the most ideal way you know how. *wink*

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