Woman stripped naked for stealing clothes at Lagos store


In what has been depicted as an open disrespect, a 36-year old single lady, Jane Okeke has been stripped Unclad and captured after she was found taking some garments at PEP Super Store in Isolo, Lagos.

P.M.EXPRESS learnt the suspect went to an inward room gave to clients to test their chose garments by the administration before they make installment.

Be that as it may, Okeke apparently chose 11 distinct wears and went inside the changing room with her tote, put on a show to attempt on those garments before she could make installment.

Obscure to the administration, Okeke

had another thought process.

He purportedly evacuated her old garments she had kept in her sack, including the garments she worn and transformed them with a portion of the new garments she chose from the store, wore some she imagined needing to purchase.

Notwithstanding, as she made to leave the store, the security requested to hunt her and it was amid that practice that the administration found what she did.

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She was stripped of those garments she had as of now wore and was promptly given over to the police by the administration.

At the police headquarters, Anambra State-conceived Okeke admitted that she stole and that the store’s administration reclaimed their garments including the ones she officially worn abandoning her Unclad.

She said she was a drop-out understudy of Federal Polytechnics Oko, Anambra where she hails from.

She said she couldn’t finish her program in the school because of fund occasioned by the passing of her dad and needed to come to Lagos to hustle to make a decent living.

Okeke was charged under the watchful eye of Isolo Magistrate’s court with direct liable to bring about rupture of open peace and taking under the Criminal code.

She argued not liable.

The managing Magistrate, Mrs A.K. Shonubi allowed her safeguard in the aggregate of N10,000 with one surety.

She was however remanded in jail care pending when she will culminate her safeguard.

The matter was dismissed till 20 February 2017.

— PM Express.

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